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Aaron Birnbaum,
Former marketing pro and founder of eight start-ups.

How about an unsolicited, sincere testimonial? I mean every word. - You're not going to find a better solution. The latest and greatest functionality, easy add-on integration, and a robust back end. Combined with great documentation, detailed videos and excellent customer support. In all my years of marketing for companies from international giants to start-ups, I have never seen anything better. I wish I had found this years ago.

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Rev. Dr. David Sidgwick.,
Hugs Across The Cosmos

We can't say no to this software, for every time we start or develop a new project iDevAffiliate is a core part of the process. It offers us a wonderful way for us to help many more with its unique software. It's easy for us to manage and even easier for our affiliates. Thank you iDevAffiliate team your support and software is 10/10 - great job!

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Linda Ragaine,
Digital Marketing Specialist at Visual Composer

We've managed our Affiliate program via iDevAffiliate and I must say, it works great! The easy to use dashboard lets me set up new campaigns fast and easy, while iDev itself takes care of the knotty part showing commissions, stats and graphics logs in a transparent and easily perceived manner. Highly recommended!

Ryan Donnelly,

As a website owner who sells a product, it's important to have an affiliate program. iDevAffiliate is by far one of the highest quality affiliate software programs I¹ve ever used. It was extremely easy to install, setup and configure. I was up and running, and ready for affiliates the same day. With a plethora of amazing features, this will easily save you time. Very clean design and with an extremely easy to understand affiliate dashboard making it simple to add new banners and promotional material. iDevAffiliate has helped us to increase our sales and has paid for itself many times over. The built in accounting software makes it extremely easy to track affiliate sales and most importantly track payments to affiliates. This is an amazing piece of software that has helped us take our company to the next level, thank you!

Dianne Dawson,

Just wanted to send this quick note to say how much I am enjoying the process of setting up and getting started. Everything is beautifully detailed and well-thought out. It's taken a bit longer than anticipated because even though I checked out the demos, there's always "more to it" than it originally seems. :-)

Mike Smock,
Pulse Firearms Training

We tried two other affiliate software vendors before coming to iDevAffiliate. After two years of using iDevAffiliate, I am delighted with both the software and the support. We use approximately 15 different vendors for our software and other web related services and I would rank iDevAffiliate at the top for ease of use and for their support. I highly recommend them

Rob Lons,
Director of Marketing, RankPay

We manage tens of thousands of dollars in affiliate revenue every month, along with well over 2,000 affiliates. Our affiliate program has been a critical part of our business growth and continues to be a strong driver of new business. We simply couldn't manage an affiliate program at this scale without iDev. They have built a beautiful interface that is simple and intuitive, which only makes my life simpler. Out of all the affiliate software on the market, iDev beats them all when it comes to features, design, user experience, and price. There is no better choice out there.

Russell Davis,
Coach, Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Trainer & Facilitator

I have been using iDevAffiliate for a number of years and love it. It just works and works so well with the various shopping carts I’ve used with Wordpress over the years. I am not technical and I find the support is second to none. In the past I’ve used the installation service and it’s been carried out very quickly and seamlessly. If you are looking for an affiliate product I totally recommend iDevAffiliate

Sam Capone,

When I first set out to find an affiliate program for my business, I had a good long look at all of the options available. After comparing features and online reviews, picking iDevAffiliate was a clear and obvious choice. Since purchasing the Black Edition I have had no regrets and have been very impressed with both the speed of the customer service and the functionality of the software. Four months down the line after installation I had to move to a new domain, I was not sure how to do this so I sent an email over to support, Jim both answered and fixed my problem for me within the hour! I strongly recommend anyone looking for a new affiliate system to pick iDevAffiliate.

Jonny Hardwick,

We needed a reliable, self-hosted affiliate program for our SEO company which was not only easy to setup, but also had all the advanced features we required to manage a leading SEO affiliate program. I’ve been using IDevAffiliate for past 8 years across multiple businesses as both an affiliate manager and an affiliate, and I have to say that it is still by far the best affiliate software on the market in terms of functionality and value for money. From my positive past experience using IDevAffiliate, it didn’t take me long to decide on using IDevAffiliate again for the new Linkredible affiliate program. The older versions of IDevAffiliate were very good, however version 8 is absolutely brilliant. The new user interface is beautiful and the admin video tutorials make it a breeze to setup and integrate with your shopping cart software. We were literally up and running within the hour. We can do so many things with IDevAffiliate that we wouldn’t be able to do with other more expensive alternatives. It’s also very easy to use despite it having many advanced features, so if you want simplicity it’s got that too.


I don't know what's best about iDevAffiliate, the product itself or the first class after sales service and support! I've been using the software for many years now and it does the job perfectly. But when I needed to upgrade to a newer version I didn't have a clue where to start due to complex technical issues with our server. Luckily I didn't have to do anything at all. Jim sorted everything out quickly and efficiently. Absolutely brilliant! Thanks again Jim.

Ross Grant,
Act On This

I have never dreamt of setting up an affiliate program before as I have always thought it way too big a task. iDevAffiliate has made it possible in just a few hours! I just wanted to say how great I think iDevAffiliate software is. Now I have fully customised the look and feel of it to my site, and edited all of the email templates, I am certain that it's going to be straight forward enough to use for even the most novice users on my site! I look forward to working with iDevAffiliate to build my website membership for many years to come!

Tim Schmidt,
Skin Pro International

iDev not only has the best affiliate marketing platform on the market, but the support offered is incredible. They went above and beyond all expectations and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for an affiliate management product.

Manish Mathukiya

I use iDevAffiliate software since 2007. I have also signed up with several affiliate programs using iDevAffiliate as an affiliate software. Experienced in using it both way as an affiliate and as an affiliate manager. I love this software! It is simple and easy to install/implement. Support is great even in 2012! Thank you guys for creating such great software and for such an exceptional support.

Tim Schmidt,
Skin Pro International

iDev not only has the best affiliate marketing platform on the market, but the support offered is incredible. They went above and beyond all expectations and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for an affiliate management product.


iDev provides a great service that extends well beyond the great products they offer. Having been a client of theirs for over 6 years, it has been a pleasure. From the professional help, installation, upgrading services, technical support to timely response to any question - they do a great job. Highly recommended.

Steve Stone

The speed of the support team at iDevAffiliate is top-notch. We're new at affiliate marketing, and we have "big-time" affiliates who trust us with their customers. On several occasions, the iDevAffiliate support team has resolved our issues so fast that our affiliates never knew a problem existed.

Brian Belfitt

Thanks for the quick reply and great support. iDevAffiliate has grown my business tremendously. Affiliate Lights now has hundreds of commissions and still growing. I must say I'm very pleased pleased with the service, support and functionality of your products.


I've been in e-Commerce for over 5 years and in that time I have used different affiliate management programs and networks to handle my affiliate needs. The cost for running those programs get really expensive very fast so I was looking for a solution to that problem. That's when I found iDevAffiliate. They offer all the features of the big affiliate management networks but at a much lower cost. The thing I love about iDevAffiliate is that the software has everything I need to run a very successful affiliate program as well as all the tools the affiliates need to promote and track their performance. Hey, if the affiliates have all the tools they need to promote the program they will be happy affiliates. The other thing I love about iDevAffiliate is their support. They installed the software on my site at no cost and it is working great. (Thank you Jim). iDevAffiliate stands behind their product 100% and that takes away the stress from me worrying if they will be there when I need them. If you are looking for an affiliate management software that can compete against the bigger networks and you are tired of paying all the fees they charge, make the move and get the iDevAffiliate software.

Sylvia Dreiser

For several years now we have been successfully using iDevAffiliate for our affiliate program. We are extremely happy with it. The program is easy to use, reliable and the best of all the customer service is outstanding. It's the customer service you dream off. You write a question and shortly later you have the answer and you get competent help. So different from many other providers. From the moment we set up the iDevAffiliate program, Jim (he is the good soul behind this company) helped us step-by-step to integrate our website and our online store with the affiliate program. Within no time it was done. I am so grateful for such an excellent service and I can only full heartedly recommend iDevAffiliate.

Andrew Koloadin,
Digital Pacific

I would just like to thank iDevAffiliate and say how pleased I am with the program after using the software for more than 7 years. As an Australian hosting company we depend on affiliates on a day to day basis and it's crucial to the success of our business. It is truly a quality product from both admin / user perspective and packed with features which are all available through a simple web interface. I highly recommend iDevAffiliate to anyone looking to start an affiliate program for their business.

Dale Sellers,
LifeLeap Institute

I have been a proud owner of iDevAffiliate for almost 6 years. In the beginning of my affiliate marketing adventure, I literally spent weeks painfully researching all of the numerous software programs available, being careful not to make a decision I would later regret. After narrowing down the choices, I knew iDevAffiliate was the best option because of its flexibility, stability, and world-wide reputation. It's tracking and statistics are extremely accurate and reliable. My affiliates enjoy it's user-friendly design and detailed live reports. I'm also very amazed at how easy it has been to customize the program's look to the design of our website. Thank you for the "always prompt" customer support and for providing such a powerful income-generating affiliate program.

Penny Keay,
Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC

After searching for sometime I came across the iDevAffiliate Program as I wanted to start an Affiliate Program for our business. Being a Newbie to affiliates I needed to find a program that was simple and complete and easy to get going. My husband and I run our business and didn't want to hire an affiliate manager. iDevAffiliate Program is just what I needed. It takes me just a few minutes a day to check records, approve new affiliates and approve or decline commissions. The charts and graphs are great to see how well all is working. Now the other thing is that the Customer support is fantastic. They provide outstanding customer service when ever I have had or needed help. I don't understand about installing or upgrading but they are their to help. Their "knowledge base" is great too but if you can't find an answer or need other help - they are just an e-mail form away. The response is normally less then 24 hours and most of the time is within just a few hours. So, Thank you so much for all your help and a great product and service.

Brian Newsome,
Big Sky Payouts

Although very new to the iDevAffiliate software and support team, I would have to say it is extremely rare to find such dedicated support and powerful but value priced software like this. Installation, and documentation was very clear and simple and I had everything setup in literally minutes after reading the documentation. When I did have a question about a slightly custom modification I wanted to make, the iDev Support team snapped into action and even went into my site and made the modifications for me that day. Wow! The support and affiliate software is excellent.


I want to thank the iDev Support Team for their extraordinary service. I had the great pleasure to have Jim as my support manager. He helped me sort out all requirements which I needed to run an Affiliate Program on my website, installed the program quickly and then did a great job in answering all my questions which came up after installation. He gave me hints on how to configure my system correctly and he even told me about a bug he saw on my website which was related to the Online Store configuration - which had nothing to do with the Affiliate System - so that my Online Store support team could solve the problem. I am very grateful for his extraordinary support and I highly recommend iDevAffiliate Program to anybody who wants or needs to install an Affiliate Program. The support behind this program is excellent. Thanks again!

Kevin E. Cross,

Jim at Idev has been extremely helpful, I thank you for the excellent customer service he provided, I am very impressed with the speed of your response, and helpfulness, I feel like you value our business, thank you.

Agriya Infoway

Being a company in a competitive industry we needed an affiliate program that would help us increase sales on all our products and services plus give the site a lot of SEO benefit from all our affiliates linking to us. The decision to choose iDevAffiliate was a natural one when we found out that it supported SEO links. Although installation was a breeze we ran in to some server problems when setting up the SEO links. iDevAffiliate's support was second to none, working with us, providing suggestions and indepth help until the problem was resolved. Infact, the support was so great, we are using it as an example of great support to our own support department and given them something to aspire to!

Matt Lynch,

iDevAffiliate is truly an outstanding piece of software that not only delivers everything it says it does, it really exceeds your expectations once you get it up and running (which takes all of 5 minutes with no knowledge of PHP). If you are serious about providing your affiliates a service they will appreciate, engage with and respect, iDevAffiliate is definitely the way to go. Not only does iDevAffiliate provide a wealth of communication, control, autonomy, management information and marketing features for both you and your affiliates - It is also great value for money, especially when compared to Pay-Per-Click marketing which is becoming more expensive by the day. For the one-off price of a licence you can recruit an army of affiliates who will send their visitors to you and do the promotion for you, forever! If you are serious about making your website a thriving success then iDevAffiliate should be your marketing priority.

Patrick Emmerick,
Exotic Golf Putters

I have owned iDevAffiliate now for over 2 years. I searched the market for approximately 3 months before buying iDevAffiliate. The program has more features than I could have imagined. You can do anything you want and my affiliates think of me as a professional because of iDevAffiliate. With over 150 affiliates selling my product and some selling my product locally offline, I owe it all to iDevAffiliate. The program is by far the best value out there. Recently I was moving to a new host and had many problems. I contacted support thinking they wouldn't help me because it has been over 2 years since my one time purchase. Jim walked me through every step and he e-mailed me constantly giving me instructions and doing much of it himself (day and night for 2 days). I buy many programs online and I can tell you from experience, the customer service is far superior to others. The service is more than anyone can ask of a company and I have used it many times since purchase. Response times are very quick. These guys really care and are efficient! What do you want from a company? Most features, best program, best price and best customer service right? iDevAffiliate is all of these! Program is awesome, support is awesome, this company is great!

Ubiquity Hosting Solutions

We recently purchased a copy of iDevAffiliate and can't figure out how we've gotten this far along without it. When we started the hunt for an acceptable affiliate solution, the list was long. As we began to look deeply into the available alternatives, our decision quickly became easy. Aside from the laundry-list of features delivered through a clean and intuitive interface, we found iDev's support to be lightning fast - a critical factor for software that functions as a cornerstone of so many online companies. There is no doubt that we'll be seeking iDevDirect products for all Nobis Technology Group brands in the future

Bernie Marasco,
StepWare, Inc.

We have put off having an affiliate program for years because we thought it was going to be complicated and expensive. We were amazed once we found iDevAffiliate. Their product is comprehensive, simple to use and very affordable. We have also been impressed with their great support! Simply put, we are happy customers and we highly recommend their product! Thanks iDevAffiliate!

Steve Davidson,

Just a quick note to say thanks again for your support, even with the 18 hour time difference you got my software upgrade up and running in record time. Your service is one of the very best I have come accoss in 14 years on the net. As I use Idevaffiliate in my day to day business, this sort of support is greatly appreciated. As for the software, it has allowed me to increase my business and free up more of my time. I use to use a monthly subscription service software, while it had more bells and whistles, it did not produce more money, and that was costing me a month what your software cost me to buy!!! I have used a very popular online affiliate processor, however they have a much too free refund policy that lets people claim refunds at a the click of a mouse. So they get your product and then refund (yes steal) your digital product. Idev gives you control, and stops this digital thief, got to love that. Just installed Idev 6, amazing improvements, works a treat with my delivery software DL Guard. Thanks keep up the excellent work.

HOZTEAR - Spanish Language

We wanted an affiliate system for our website so we investigated all the systems we could find in the market. When we found iDevAffiliate and discovered all the features it had, our search was over. It is no comparison to other affiliate systems. It's very easy to use for both the admin and our affiliates. They signup and love this software. We've also received excellent support from iDevDirect and appreciate the speed in which our questions are answered.

Bill Baumgartner,
Colorteck Network

Out of all the affiliate programs we have tried, we finally found one that is perfect for our business. Very easy to install and works without any problems at all. Well worth the money and better than most other affiliate programs out there in this price range. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for great affiliate software. Very fast for your clients to sign up and get the code they need to start making money.

Frederic Premji,
I Need Motivation

I recommend this program and this company to anyone out there that wants to deal with a solid, friendly, prompt, and professional entity. Not only that, but the affiliate program is all that I could ask for. It was a breeze to set up, (Jim was very kind and helped me set up my codes with 2checkout and PayPal) and it works extremely well. My affiliates are very satisfied with the program! I searched for many many months to find the best affiliate program out there. I searched high and low on the internet, and I am very happy that I found iDevAffiliate. The combination of hands-on support from people who know their software inside out, to the ease of integrating a user-friendly, powerful program to my large website has been nothing but extraordinary. I am an extremely picky person, especially with software. For me to say this program is worth it, is because it's truly is worth every penny and it brought me a lot more than I ever expected. Thanks to iDevAffiliate, I have an affiliate program that will serve me well for many many years to come. It?s quality all the way. Thank you so much!

Warwick Berg,
Sites Online AustralAsia

Jim, we have recently purchased your affiliate and banner exchange software, and are delighted with the ease of installation, range of features, quality of updates and the speed of service responses. We'd highly recommended your company to anyone. Your tech support at 2:30am did not go unnoticed! Good, old-fashioned hard work. Not so common anymore.

John Dietz,
Asset Protection

After tons of due diligence, I found the IDev folks. I will just say that the affiliate software works great, the staff knows the product inside and out, they offer quick service, and truthfully, what else can you ask for?

Aaron Hanson

So far we've been incredibly satisfied with the iDevAffiliate software and the customer support behind the product. Top-notch service and would recommend to anyone looking for the best in class, highly customizable affiliate software.

Paul Smyth - SEO/Optimisation Specialist

iDevAffiliate Software is an excellent affiliate software provider. Having used multiple different affiliate software programmes (from the affiliate side), I can honestly say that iDevaffiliate's software is my favorite. The reports are very easy to use, with loads of useful tools that can help to improve your website. Keep up the excellent work iDev!

Graeme Eastman -

I join lots of affiliate programs that get listed on my directory site and I actually find the iDev software one of the best and easiest affiliate program software to use. It is so quick and simple to join a program and get a link to use. I also trust its stats and tracking. As an affiliate I really enjoy working with merchants that use the iDevAffiliate software and am happy to recommend it!

Cristian Mendez,
Haute Custom Beauty

By the way. We love iDevAffiliate. I can tell that so much research and feedback has been incorporated into the software solution to make it flexible and customizable. The customer service is also great. I already recommended it to another entrepreneur who is looking into a similar solution.

Annette S,

I know I have asked a lot of questions, so I just wanted to let you know that I TRULY appreciate the great customer service in getting this software up and running. It seems like top customer service is so often lacking nowadays and I just wanted to commend you guys for the great job. I actually moved from another software to you because I couldn't get a hold of anyone to help answer questions at the prior company. So thank you! I will definitely be recommending you to other colleagues of mine!

Robert & Kim Barns Johnson,
Viral Affiliate Pro

Good morning Support - Thank you for your quick, precise and exact response to my query. Best support team I have ever dealt with and your step by step approach to solving my tech problem nothing but outstanding.

Kevin Wimer,

I've been going through the various options in the system now and I just wanted to say great job with everything. I know our version was old but this is a huge step us for us. It's really well done...especially the PDF tutorials for a lot of the sections. Thanks again for the great product and an even bigger thanks for working with us to get us to the latest version!

Property Investor Toolkit

You appear to have solved all those problem in that one hit! Thank you so much! Thanks form us all here for your continued support. It seriously means a lot and you certainly know your amazing product extremely well!


Awesome - you rock Jim! How you figure things out so fast I will never know!! SEO Links started working once you fixed configuration path....Thanks again for all you do!!!

Brian Edwards,

Both this and your previous reply have resolved my issues for today. Can I just say...your support is excellent! Really very impressive!

Vernon Waltz,
Superior Web Dynamics LLC

I purchased the Standard version of your product and successfully installed and configured it. The ease use of your product so far has been the best I have found to date and a pleasure to use.

David Brown

Thank you very much for your quick response. Everything is working great! 5 stars for the Customer Service at iDevDirect!

Michael Campbell

I just wanted to drop you a quick, post migration thank you note in appreciation for handling the transfer in such a prompt and professional manner. I'll certainly be promoting the iDev software to my readership. It's so rare in this fast-paced digital age, to get exemplary customer service. Well done Jim. Kudos to you and the entire iDev Support Team.

Aaron Hanson

Mike Happle

I know your company and I'm excited to be part of it. As an affiliate for other merchants, I have been using your program for a long time, and like what it offers. Now I'm a customer using iDevAffiliate for my own affiliate program. I was worried when I had support tickets, and did not hear back from anyone. I know now, it was my fault,and that my e-mail bounced. Thanks for the great customer service and support I know I would receive from you. I love your product,and I look forward to a long business relationship. Thanks again, keep up the good work. Also, have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

Tara West

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your brilliant product and outstanding customer service! I found the whole process of installing and customising the affiliate area pain free, and I really appreciated your swift response to some of my enquiries. Everything is working like a charm and has integrated perfectly with my WordPress-based site, WP e-Commerce, and I even have it setup on a subdomain. I will be (and have been) praising your product and company to all and sundry! Thanks again for everything.

Macs Adventure

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks so much for resolving my support ticket so quickly and complement you on a great product. I am just finishing the configuration and setup and think it is going to work really well for our business. The support material is great and functionality outstanding.

Vincent Conti
Defense Soap

I work with [customer name] on several of his affiliate marketing initiatives. I'm also a customer of iDevAffiliate and have been for a number of years. For that reason, I wanted to take a moment to express how impressed I am with the level of expertise and the dedication you've applied to this issue. Clearly, this level of service places iDevDirect at the top of the heap. Keep up the great work. My best to you and your entire team!

iDevAffiliate is pretty much industry standard when it comes to setting up a simple, yet powerful, affiliate program for your website. The setup process was very straight forward and easy to understand, which is part of the reason why everyone here loves to run with iDevAffiliate.

Jam Play

By far the most highly customized installation of iDevAffiliate we've seen to date. The guys over at Jam Play really went above and beyond when integrating their existing website theme into iDevAffiliate. This is a great example site for someone wishing to really take template modification to the extreme

Racquet Depot UK

A modern and eye-catching affiliate program was key for Racquet Depot UK in order to say to potential affiliates - 'we mean business'. A complete overhaul of the template files took place to integrate iDevAffiliate into the rest of the website design, including colour scheme amendments.

Strategic Betting

The first thing we did was edit the default templates for iDevAffiliate and add in some layout code to structure it for what was needed to achieve the final look. Then customised the presentation of the site, giving it the colors and backgrounds needed to blend into the rest of the Strategic Betting site

20 Dollar Banners

20DollarBanners shows us an excellent combination of basic template customization as well as adding in their own graphical images to match the theme of their exist website. 20DollarBanners is not only an iDevAffiliate customer but also a design partner. If you're looking for an excellent affiliate program to join or need banners designed for yourself, be sure to checkout 20DollarBanners.

NuBlue Web Solutions

This is one of the most customized installations of iDevAffiliate we have seen showing the flexibility of the affiliate software. The guys at NuBlue have done a great job seamlessly integrating the affiliate program into their website by using the customizable templates that come with iDevAffiliate. Not only have the colors and text been styled to fit into their existing website but also a number of other areas such as affiliate FAQ's and affiliate enquiry have been added showing the adaptability of iDevAffiliate.