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For more than twenty years, we have been providing a comprehensive affiliate tracking solution that is packed with features. Our dedication to supporting Bigcommerce is unparalleled. Start building your affiliate program for Bigcommerce today and experience the incredible benefits it offers.

We've Added New Affiliate Dashboard Themes

Your affiliate marketing with Bigcommerce looks a whole lot better for 2024!

We'll be releasing new themes throughout the entire year.

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iDevAffiliate is the #1 affiliate program for use with Bigcommerce and we want to make sure you get the most from it. Our customer success managers want to make sure your Bigcommerce affiliate tracking system is properly setup and configured to meet your business needs. After your account is setup, schedule time with us and we'll walk through all your settings, commission structures, marketing ideas, cart integration and answer any questions you have about your new Bigcommerce affiliate tracking program.

From signup to setup, you can create your affiliate program for Bigcommerce in just minutes using our built-in onboarding feature. We'll walk you through the basic configuration of your affiliate program using a step-by-step process and include everything you need to get your Bigcommerce affiliate program up and running.

Your #1 affiliate tracking plugin for Bigcommerce.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Built-In Onboarding

Follow the 10 configuration steps and launch your affiliate program for use with Bigcommerce in just minutes.

Video Tutorials

Over 40 hours of video guides at your finger tips walking you through your Bigcommerce affiliate software setup.

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Track your progress through the onboarding process using the built-in wizard. Getting your Bigcommerce affiliate tracking program launched could not be easier!

Your Bigcommerce Affiliate Program

Establishing an affiliate program for use with Bigcommerce can be swiftly accomplished in a matter of minutes. iDevAffiliate offers a comprehensive suite of fundamental functionalities to cater to your program requirements.

What can our Bigcommerce affiliate software do for you?

social media marketing for Bigcommerce

Social Media

Take your social media presence to the next level by adding a Bigcommerce affiliate plugin to your marketing arsenal! Collaborate with affiliates, influencers, and your very own brand ambassadors to promote your products/services across popular platforms like Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

SEO services for Bigcommerce

Build SEO / SEM

Our affiliate tracking plugin for Bigcommerce helps build a strong foundation for SEO by incorporating appropriate backlinks from your affiliates, employing established linking structures that align with SEO guidelines.

create more sales with Bigcommerce

Generate Sales!

Increase your sales by driving more traffic to your website. Enhance your sales team's reach by establishing a network of affiliate marketers under your command. After all, this is the end goal when looking to add an affiliate tracking plugin for Bigcommerce!

affiliate reports for Bigcommerce

Data Analytics

Take a look at the performance of your affiliates through user-friendly dashboards and instant access to critical data and reports. Our Bigcommerce affiliate plugin includes everything you need to really dive in to your affiliate's activities.

Affiliate Marketing and Bigcommerce: The Perfect Match

Start Your Affiliate Program Today

Bigcommerce is a robust and user-friendly eCommerce platform that provides everything you need to create and manage your online store. It offers a range of features designed to optimize your business, including built-in SEO tools, customizable templates, and secure payment gateways. By integrating affiliate marketing into your Bigcommerce store, you can tap into a vast network of affiliates, influencers and marketers who can promote your products and services to their audience, driving traffic and generating sales.

To effectively track and manage your affiliate marketing efforts, it is crucial to use a reliable affiliate tracking plugin for Bigcommerce. iDevAffiliate allows you to monitor affiliate activities, track conversions and calculate commissions accurately. With features like real-time reporting, automated affiliate registration, and customizable commission structures, iDevAffiliate streamlines the affiliate tracking process, saving you time and effort.
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Affiliate Marketing Designed For Bigcommerce

Features and Functions Built Specifically for Bigcommerce

Our Bigcommerce affiliate tracking offers all of today's most highly sought after features.

  • Create percentage & flat-rate commissioning structures.
  • Offer coupon code commissioning to your affiliates. Great for offline / word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Define product specific commissions amounts with our per-product commissioning feature.
  • Email address based tracking for lifetime customer / affiliate relationships.
  • Allow your affiliates to recruit other affiliates using the tier system. Up to 10 tiers!
  • Create parent / child relationships between affiliates using the overrides system.
  • Enable the sub-affiliates feature to allow affiliates to manage their own network of marketers.

These are just a few of the thousands of features readily available for your affiliate program with Bigcommerce.


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