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With years of experience in the affiliate tracking business, we know what you're looking for in your affiliate software and have become know as one of the best affiliate software providers around.

We've packed iDevAffiliate with all of today's most affiliate tracking features to make management as easy as possible. Whether you're new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned veteran, iDevAffiliate is built for you.

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social media marketing for affiliates
Social Media Sharing

Our affiliate plugin lets you build your social media following! Affiliates can market to Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

coupon code tracking for affiliates
Coupon Code Tracking

Assign coupon codes to your affiliates to use for marketing. No links required! Great for offline and word-of-mouth marketing.

affiliate tier recruiting
Affiliate Recruiting

Offer affiliates the ability to earn from others they recruit. Enable up to 10 tiers in the multi-tier feature!

affiliate driven SEO

Build stronger SEO with relevant backlinking and proven SEO compatible linking structures. Increase your conversion rate with higher quality traffic.

onboarding for affiliates
Built-In Onboarding

Get started fast with our built-in onboarding (step-by-step) process with access to over 70 hours of training videos.

brand identity for my affiliate program
Brand Identity

With the Cloud Premium plan, you can optionally use your own subdomain for your account location and inbound linking.

Is iDevAffiliate Right For Your Business?

Our goal with iDevAffiliate is to provide powerful, robust, and easy-to-use software solutions for businesses like yours. Our affiliate marketing management tool is specifically designed to track, manage, and optimize all aspects of your affiliate program, ensuring seamless management and unprecedented growth.
Boost Your Business Revenue

Build Your Affiliate Network

iDevAffiliate provides cutting-edge affiliate tracking to help you maximize your revenue and scale your online business effortlessly. As a premier provider of affiliate marketing solutions, we proudly serve businesses of all sizes in managing their affiliate programs and supercharging their performance.

Affiliate marketing is an essential marketing strategy for both startups and established businesses alike. By operating an affiliate program, you can leverage the power of influencers, bloggers, and industry moguls to promote your products or services. This, in turn, drives more traffic to your site, boosts conversions, and elevates your brand. Our feature-rich, state-of-the-art affiliate tracking software promises to take your business to new heights.
Increase Brand Exposure and Reach a Wider Audience

By partnering with affiliates, you automatically expand your marketing reach to their loyal followers. This creates an opportunity to tap into new markets and engage a broader audience. Our user-friendly tracking software ensures that all your affiliates receive accurate and timely performance reports, empowering them to promote your business more effectively.

affiliate tracking for brand exposure


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Affiliate Program Directory

We're not just great affiliate marketing software! Get your affiliate program added to our affiliate program directory, free of charge! All accounts include a free listing and premium accounts include premium features like ranking first in search results and having the Highly Recommended tag added. Affiliates can join your affiliate program with just one-click making it easier than ever to attract and sign new affiliates.
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Grow Your Brand. Build Trust.

With iDevAffiliate (affiliate program software), we track the performance of all your affiliates, brand ambassadors, influencers and business partners to provide you the detailed metrics and reports needed to be successful. With our affiliate management software, you can easily build credibility through SEO compliant affiliate links. No messy links or suspicious looking redirects. With years of experience and tons of work, we've fine tuned our affiliate tracking software for maximum functionality and design convenience and believe you'll be as happy as all our current clients are!
When well-known influencers and industry experts promote your products, it establishes credibility and trustworthiness around your brand. This greatly enhances your reputation, ultimately driving more users to visit your site and invest in your offerings.
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Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate tracking solutions have come a long way since their inception. Equipped with innovative features, our affiliate program management tool offers comprehensive insights into affiliate performance, empowering you to optimize your campaigns effectively. This is where iDevAffiliate comes in as a trusted provider of advanced affiliate marketing software for over 20 years. We've helped thousands of businesses worldwide to maximize their online revenue through performance-driven affiliate marketing solutions.

The iDevAffiliate Solution

We understand that each business has unique needs, and that's why our team of skilled developers is committed to providing customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. From reliable tracking technology to detailed analytics and reporting, we're committed to offering the best affiliate tracking software on the market.

Getting Started Is Easy

Discover the unparalleled benefits of operating an affiliate program with iDevAffiliate, and watch your business thrive. Get started today by scheduling a live demo of our affiliate marketing software and see for yourself what iDevAffiliate can do for your business. Our team of experts is on standby to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process seamlessly.

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Our goal is to make sure we create a special affiliate program, custom tailored your exact specifications. Our specialists will get on a live (Zoom) call with you to walk through all your settings, commission structures, cart integration and answer any questions you have about your new affiliate program. Get more out of your affiliate marketing software with personalized setup and configuration.

We are a United States based Company located in Southern California. iDevAffiliate Inc. has been a leader in affiliate tracking solutions for more than 20 years.

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