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Lead Power Affiliate Program

At Leadpower, we offer a comprehensive suite of lead generation services tailored to empower affiliates and network marketers to thrive in the industry. Our Products and Services: Targeted Clicks: We provide precisely targeted clicks to your website or landing pages, ensuring that you reach individuals genuinely interested in your business opportunities. Phone Interviewed Leads: Our call center conducts in-depth interviews with potential leads to validate their interest in starting a home-based business.

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Internet Services

Payout Type

PPS: Pay-Per-Sale

Commission Amount

10-30% depending on sales volume.

Tracking Duration

60 Days

Tier Recruiting

8 Tier Levels

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Payment Frequency


Payment Options


Listing Added
December, 2023

How Affiliates Can Earn Money: Affiliates partnering with Leadpower have multiple opportunities to earn money: Lead Reselling: Affiliates can resell our high-quality leads to other network marketers, earning commissions on each sale. Recruitment: Building a team of affiliates is another way to generate income. You earn commissions on the sales and activities of your recruited team members. Commissions on Sales: When your leads convert into sales for our clients, you receive a portion of the revenue as a commission. Bonuses and Incentives: We often offer bonuses and incentives to high-performing affiliates, providing additional opportunities for income growth. Training and Support: We provide training and support to help affiliates succeed in lead generation and network marketing. Overall, Leadpower not only provides top-notch lead generation services but also offers a lucrative opportunity for affiliates to earn money through various channels. We're committed to helping you achieve your financial goals in the network marketing industry.