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We make USDA certified organic bath and body products. We're known for our large selection of organic deodorants, but have more than 150 SKUs to choose from! We make everything in-house and have been in business for 16 years. Small woman-owned business.

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Health and Fitness

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PPS: Pay-Per-Sale

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15%; I check in frequently on my payouts and try to get them to you as son as you've hit $50

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90 Days

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Check/Money Order


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August, 2023
Bubble & Bee Organic Affiliate Program

In 2005 I was diagnosed with adenomyosis. When the doctors said that the only cure would be a hysterectomy or to have a baby I was incensed! I was only 25 and neither was an option for me. They wanted to put me on birth control pills to regulate my hormones, but I felt like that was just covering up the symptoms and not addressing the actual hormonal imbalances. This led me on a search to find out why my hormones were so out of balance. I learned that many environmental toxins acted like estrogen in the body, and many of these xenoestrogens, like aluminums in antiperspirant, were in the personal care products I was using on my skin. What started out as a farmer's market booth is now a small enterprise with 6 employees and 16 years of business under our belt. We make our own products, we use them, we believe in them. Organic products are hot; with the right following you can make easy commissions linking to our products. And if you have a question you can contact me, Stephanie, the owner of the company directly. I handle all of our customer service personally and believe in developing long-term relationships with our customers. Not turn and burn and sell the company!