For more than 15 years now, we've been providing the leading affiliate tracking software in it's class. Adding affiliate tracking software to your site is one of the most effective ways to achieve more sales, more traffic and more search engine ranking! Our affiliate software installs in just minutes and through the use of built-in front-end templating, easily integrates into your existing website.

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Tons of options to offer your affiliates.

  • Banners
  • Page Peels
  • Text Ads
  • Lightboxes
  • Video (YouTube and Vimeo)
  • Text Links
  • Full Page HTML Ads
  • Email Templates
  • PDF Brochures


Design your own payout structure.

  • Percentage payout
  • Flat rate payout
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Pay-Per-Lead or Action
  • Recurring commissions
  • Up to 100 primary payout levels
  • Up to 10 tier payout levels.
  • Parent/Child overrides
  • Coupon Code commissioning


Export and review all your critical statistics.

  • Tons of charts and graphs
  • Date range reporting
  • Neatly formatted print views
  • CSV and Excel exporting
  • Quickbooks payment exporting
  • Exportable traffic logs
  • Daily activities reporting
  • Top affiliates reporting
  • Track your marketing statistics

Shopping Cart Integration

Our built-in shopping cart integration wizard makes integrating your cart/checkout system a snap! Just pick the cart or checkout system you're using in the dropdown menu and complete the step-by-step instructions provided for you directly in your iDevAffiliate admin center.

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Competitive pricing from just $199 USD!

No monthly fees. No transaction fees. No hidden fees. No limits on any features. Free upgrades for 1 year.

Customize iDevAffiliate

Make it your own.

  • Editable HTML templates.
  • Adjustable language packs.
  • Adjustable email templates.
  • Customizable signup fields.
  • Adjustable T&C and FAQ.
  • Instantly add social media.

Built-In Security

Fraud prevention tools are standard.

  • Triple redundancy tracking.
  • Adjustable tracking expiration.
  • PHP sha1 password encryption.
  • Commission blocking tools.
  • Account blocking tools.
  • Commission amount restrictions.

QR Codes

New Plugin!

Affiliates can market using QR Codes!

Affiliate Software with QR Codes

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