SEO Link Example

The plugin also uses 301 redirects rather than 302's. This means all the "link juice" is carried from page to page.

SEO Links

4.4 / 5

Using the SEO Links plugin truly benefits your website not only with the traditional traffic and sales an affiliate program delivers but also with your search engine ranking. This plugin is designed to allow all your external affiliate links to benefit your search engine ranking by using short, search engine friendly links.

Using this plugin you can even have iDevAffiliate installed on a completely different domain than your main website and links will still point into your main website. Most people install iDevAffiliate into the same domain as their main website but the option exists if you need to use it.

$99.99 USD

Available for instant download.

These requirements are met by default on 99% of all UNIX/LINUX web hosting accounts available today. If you're unsure, please contact your web hosting provider to confirm your web hosting account meets the below requirements.


  • Must have Apache mod_rewrite installed/enabled.
  • Must be able to create/edit your .htaccess file.

Please check with your web hosting provider to see if they have ISAPI rewrite enabled.


  • Must have ISAPI rewrite installed/enabled.
  • Must be able to create/edit your httpd.ini file.

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