QR Codes

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This plugin allows you to offer QR Codes to your affiliates to use in their marketing efforts. QR Codes are auto-created for each marketing group and have each affiliate's link embedded in it. When used, the customer who scans the QR Code will be taken to your website (through the affiliates link), very similar to clicking on a banner or text link.

$59.99 USD

Available for instant download.

This plugin installs into any iDevAffiliate Edition. iDevAffiliate 7.3 or higher is required.

What size QR codes are available for affiliates to use?

Affiliates can choose from standard QR code sizes. Sizes are 58x58px, 87x87px, 116x116px, 174x174px, 232x232px, or 290x290px.

Where can affiliates use QR codes?

Affiliates can grab a QR Code and use it on their website, forums, blogs, social media.. just about anywhere their creativity takes them. QR Codes are also excellent for use in offline marketing such as flyers, brochures, business cards, etc.

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