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For iDevAffiliate 8+ Users

While we’ve been integrating with WooCommerce for many years now, we haven’t had an integration for WooCommerce Subscriptions – that is, until now! Our new WooCommerce Subscriptions integration comes in the form of a WordPress plugin. The entire integration is done directly in your WordPress admin center. Coupon code commissioning is supported “out of the box”, as is per-product commissioning!


There are two different WooCommerce plugins available. One for regular purchases made with WooCommerce and one for WooCommerce Subscriptions. See below to learn which you should be installing.

  • Only using WooCommerce: Use the iDevAffiliate Plugin for WooCommerce.
  • Only using WooCommerce Subscriptions: Use this iDevAffiliate Plugin for WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • Using both WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions – Use both plugins together.
Integration Instructions

1. Download iDevAffiliate Plugin for WooCommerce Subscriptions

2. Enable WooCommerce Subscriptions in your Shopping Cart Integration Wizard – found in your iDevAffiliate admin center. Note: Just enable WooCommerce if you don’t see WooCommerce Subscriptions in the list.

3. Login to WordPress and go to Plugins. Use the plugin (downloaded above) to complete the install.


4. In WordPress, go to WooCommerce -> Settings then click on the Integrations tab. There you can enter your iDevAffiliate Installation URL.


You’re all done integrating iDevAffiliate with WooCommerce.

Special Note

When using Coupon Code Commissioning along with Per-Product Commissioning, you have multiple commission rates defined. One for the coupon code and one for each product. When both are used together, the coupon code takes priority and will trump per-product commissioning.

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