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Why You Should Use Affiliates to Launch a New Product or Service


You’re getting ready to launch a new product or offer a new service. You are excited about it and you know your customers will be too. You know it’s something special. How can you get it the attention it deserves? There is a highly successful and tremendously profitable online advertising channel that’s perfect for new product and service launches: affiliate marketing. Will you be using it?

Over the past decade, affiliate marketing has become a go-to strategy for famous brands and up-and-coming businesses alike. Companies and brands of all sizes have recognized the potential affiliate marketing has to create interest, drive traffic, and increase sales. Affiliate marketing has changed how products and offers are advertised, and it has opened up new ways to build customer loyalty.

If your launch day is almost here, or if you are still in the early stages of planning how and where to advertise your new product or service, affiliate marketing should be a part of your strategy. Let’s look some of the biggest reasons you should be using affiliate marketers whenever you have a new offer for your customers:

1. Affiliate Marketing is Affordable
Whatever the size of your marketing budget, affiliate marketing is designed to fit into it. Affiliates are paid to promote a product or service to their followers, and they are mostly paid on commission. That means that instead of requiring a big up-front fee, affiliate marketers are only paid after they help you meet your aim – getting leads, sign-ups, subscriptions, or sales. Often, since these desired conversions can result in new customers, sales, and repeat purchases, you are making a profit on your affiliate ads. Adding just one or two affiliates to an existing program, building a whole new affiliate team, or anything in between can work with any online marketing budget. And affiliate marketing can be a great way to save money and make the most of a smaller marketing budget when advertising online.

2. Affiliate Marketing Creates A Buzz
The affiliates who will be promoting your product or service have the power to generate lots of interest among their social media followers. Affiliates are popular on social networking sites, are well-known within an industry or niche, or have that certain something that people are intrigued by and want to know more about. Finding and recruiting affiliates who represent your key demographics and who have a direct connection to your ideal customers is an invaluable tool in advertising effectively online and improving SEO. Affiliate marketing has unbeatable consumer targeting potential, allowing buzzworthy ads and offers to reach the people who will want to see them the most.

And it can be fun! Instead of sticking to one ad, affiliate campaign promotions can be creative and engaging. Affiliate ads are a great way to show off a product demonstration, advertise with images or video, get the word out on special coupons and deals for a new product or service, and create word-of-mouth interest on the most popular social media sites.

3. Affiliates Can Help You Break Into New Markets
There are more options for advertising today than ever before. How and where you reach out to your future customers is no longer limited to just a few narrow channels. Affiliate marketers can help broaden your viewing audience, break into new markets, and bring in real results. Affiliates are often trusted by their followers which gives them a home court advantage when recommending your product or services. Their product review blog posts or videos can be far reaching, targeting an audience you would likely not have been able to connect and engage with. Affiliates can also help you grow your email list which can help you tap into new sources of revenue, increase your traffic, brand exposure, and sales.

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4. Affiliate Marketing is Manageable
Whether you run your own business or handle marketing (or both), you have a lot on your plate already. You will want to launch your new product or service, but you might think you do not have the time to take on another task. Affiliate marketing is a smart investment for many businesses and can be quite simple to implement! Everything you need to manage a successful affiliate campaign – from recruiting affiliates to measuring the success of each ad – can be learned quickly and managed in-house with the right software. Tracking all of the markers of campaign success – from keywords and trends to affiliate performance – is possible with the right affiliate tracking extension. Learning and making use of affiliate marketing tools is something that you and your team can and should start doing right away.

5. Affiliate Marketing is Built To Grow
Growth is a key principle of affiliate marketing. It has made to bring in more attention to your brand, more leads, more customers, and more sales. And it is designed so that you can scale up your affiliate campaigns – running more ads and bringing on more affiliates or building a tiered affiliate program – as your business grows. An affiliate program can be designed to be as large or small as you need it to be. With the help of affiliate web publishers ready to help launch your new product or service, it’s a win/win for everyone!

6. Affiliates Can Provide Valuable Marketing Analytics
Affiliates provide valuable insight and data on how your customers shop and how to improve your audience targeting and landing page experience. This information can help you develop more effective marketing strategies going forward and increase your results and ROI.

In today’s online marketing world, launching or growing an affiliate program make sense. But if you want to start an affiliate program from scratch or get a better-performing affiliate program to promote your new product or service, where do you begin? That’s easy – you start with the right affiliate program software. Finding the best affiliate tracking software for your business or brand can make starting, managing, and profiting from an affiliate program clear and simple.

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The best affiliate tracking software programs include everything needed to create and manage outstanding affiliate ad campaigns. With its thousands of features dedicated to all levels of users, a comprehensive and intuitive software platform helps ensure that everything runs seamlessly so you can focus on your affiliate ads and the new leads and sales your affiliate publishers can help generate. If you are ready to launch a new product or service, consider recruiting affiliate marketers to your team to help get your campaign in front of an expanded audience while also being able to track, measure and fine tune your marketing strategies.

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