Ever since the emergence of digital marketing, many companies have started promoting their products and services on media platforms.

Even though social media has proven to be an incredibly fruitful avenue for promoting different products and services, YouTube is considered one of the best platforms for marketing. It is said to be the hub of video marketing due to how it works.

A study done by researchers at Google explored the potential of marketing on YouTube, and the results showed that vendors who promoted their products on the platform benefitted from a 10% increase in the return on investment for their video marketing efforts.

It might not seem like a lot, but a business receiving a bump in its returns is a positive sign that video marketing on YouTube produces favorable outcomes.

However, the video marketing sector within the platform has filled with organizations of all scopes looking to get in on the profits, making it incredibly difficult for vendors who are just creating YouTube marketing videos to get recognized and establish an online presence.

Even though it is entirely possible to improve your marketing channel and slowly gain recognition with time, there are some tools you can incorporate into your content to accelerate the process by setting yourself apart from the competition.

Here is a list highlighting ten of the most effective tools to help you create great content landing you at the top of the trending page in no time!

Top 10 Tools To Enhance Your YouTube Marketing Videos

Comprehensive list of tools needed to create youtube videos.

1. Social Blade

Many of the highest-ranking YouTube marketing channels utilize this tool, being known in the market as one of the best marketing tools for keeping track of various metrics related to the videos, which you can utilize to improve the content you produce.

Not only does social blade allow users to keep track of their average views, but the tool is also integrated with social media. This integration allows the extension to display useful information, allowing you to monitor information regarding your channel’s presence on different platforms, including YouTube.

That is just the tip of the iceberg, and the platform contains an extensive list of different features that can enhance your YouTube marketing videos, such as utilizing filters available on the tool to identify specific queries along with different approaches on how to properly address them.

Additionally, Social Blade helps with content creation, equipped with a consultation feature that you can utilize to improve the scripts within your videos and create captivating YouTube marketing videos.

2. Buzzsumo

Nowadays, there are thousands of videos that are uploaded on YouTube daily. While this may provide an abundance of information for marketers to research, there is a downside to this as well.

Buzzsumo has proven time and time again to be an incredibly helpful tool for content creation, with many reputable review sites, including Startup Bonzai, which says: “BuzzSumo lives up to it’s reputation and deserves the title of the world’s number one content marketing platform.

The content that you include alongside your YouTube marketing videos has a significant impact on your viewership.

However, with countless pieces of information available on the internet, finding the right content for your marketing videos can take up hours upon hours of a marketer’s time. However, Buzzsumo provides a solution to that.

The main function of this digital marketing device is that it allows you to find relevant, high-performing content according to any keyword with the click of a button.

Buzzsumo is equipped with incredibly in-depth knowledge of the YouTube algorithm, which it utilizes to create the best possible content strategy and relevant data that works with the YouTube algorithm.

3. Canva

No list of helpful tools for YouTube content creation is complete without adding Canva to the list. The first thing potential viewers see when scrolling on the platform is the video thumbnail.

This is why a striking, attention-grabbing thumbnail is necessary to bolster the viewer count for your YouTube video marketing videos, and Canva is made for this.

Praised by many as being one of the best tools for creating thumbnails that grab users’ attention, Canva is equipped with a wide array of different features that enable you to create colorful images that successfully set itself apart from others.

With Canva, you can take advantage of many of its options, including extensive graphical enhancements and layouts.

Not to mention various teams behind Canva have collaborated to optimize the platform so that the entire thumbnail creation and editing process is streamlined and user-friendly.

Its drag-and-drop image creation system eliminates the need for hiring personnel responsible for creating thumbnails for your videos, saving you a great chunk of time and finances.

4. Biteable

As technology progresses, so are different industries leading to the emergence of interesting concepts, and YouTube content creation is one of them.

The potential for producing animated content for product marketing has considerably impacted the digital YouTube video creation landscape, largely due to its potential.

However, due to the creation of animated content requiring a particular skill set, many YouTube marketing channels cannot create such videos. Still, there is a solution to this: Biteable.

This YouTube video creation tool allows anyone to create marketing videos based on animations without going through the rigorous and time-consuming process of creating them from scratch.

Biteable has a surplus of 8 million different animation samples that you can incorporate into your videos to create well-polished, attractive YouTube marketing videos.

Creating animated content to promote your product or service has never been easier. With the help of this tool, anyone can create captivating content using the templates provided by Biteable.

5. Tubics

Search Engine Optimization is a huge part of content creation in general, and this covers YouTube video content as well.

For your videos to be at the top of the search results, certain SEO techniques must be incorporated into your content, with keywords being the priority.

Integrating specific keywords relevant to the nature of the content you produce is an incredibly effective method to bump your video to the top of the search results, which is why keyword research is a must when it comes to boosting your overall viewer count.

However, doing research and finding the right tags and keywords according to your content is a difficult task, especially considering that specific keywords need to be included, which are commonly searched by users on YouTube.

Luckily Tubics is a marketing tool that helps you skip all the tedious searching and provides you with effective keywords according to your YouTube marketing video.

Through this marketing tool, you can get instantaneous results according to the videos you produce and other information, such as providing you with specific recommendations according to your channel performance.

Tunics also come with other features, including content analysis capabilities, which examine your content in real-time, and supply you with a list of different keywords you can implement to enhance the quality of your content.

6. Repurpose.io

This tool has been making waves in the content creation landscape as being one of the best marketing tools out there, specifically in automating content and producing visually appealing YouTube marketing videos out of any audio you may have.

Many marketing channels start with podcasts and look to branch off to YouTube. However, converting all the audio they have accumulated into video form stops them.

However, there is a solution to this in the form of an automation tool that can potentially make the video for you.

Repurpose.io is a tool that can be easily accessed from the web browser. This web application converts any audio file into great video content without the hassle of voicing over and investing valuable time and finances to convert the audio on your own.

This tool also provides you with the option to make additions to the video produced, including accessibility features such as including accurate captions as well.

7. Mentionlytics

Insights are an incredibly effective method to learn about where your YouTube marketing videos are lacking so that you can work and improve on them to create attractive promotion and marketing videos for your product or service.

However, gaining and implementing those insights is difficult, and this is where Mentionlytics comes in.

This marketing tool is perfect for keeping track of insights you gain according to the marketing videos you produce. It automatically stores the valuable information and data that can improve your video creation skills, allowing you to bolster your YouTube marketing strategy for more views.

Mentionlytics provides valuable data in the form of insights, including data on your viewers, such as valuable information on general audience behavior, which comes with a detailed analysis of the nature of customer engagement, providing insights and possible improvements you can make accordingly.

Furthermore, the team behind Mentionlytics has focused on the user experience aspect of the platform, providing you with an optimized interface with user-friendly options, such as the availability of features related to organizing the insights into different categories to assist with drawing the right conclusions accordingly.

8. Vyond

Even though this platform is a bit like Biteable in that it is also used to create video footage based on intricate animations, this video creator is different because it is used to generate much more professional content.

This makes it the perfect tool for producing brand YouTube videos based on marketing and promotion. It is the perfect application to make animated content focused on branding and producing content that concentrates on niches, including training platforms.

This tool equips you with the capabilities to produce content that you can customize so that you end up with custom videos that consist of animations made according to the products or services you are marketing through your YouTube marketing videos.

9. Unbox Social

To create optimal YouTube marketing videos that ensure maximum audience engagement, you need to look beyond the video and consider other aspects of marketing, such as the target demographic according to the products or services your business is based on.

Targeting a specific audience is vital to ensure that your marketing efforts produce the maximum profits while putting in the minimum amount of investment, which is considered efficient marketing.

To achieve this, detailed analysis and research is required to pinpoint the demographic which you think will produce the most return on investment for the efforts you have put in, which counts for video marketing as well.

Luckily, you do not have to worry about performing operations to determine your target demographic in this case because Unbox Social will do it for you.

The primary function of this tool is to provide you with information regarding the target demographic that you should center your content strategy around to get the most profitable results.

10. Brand24

Obtaining and working on the feedback you receive is essential to the growth and development of your organization, and YouTube is the best place for that. Since your marketing videos will focus on the product or service you provide, there is potential to receive valuable feedback regarding the product’s functionality.

Keeping track of such feedback can be difficult, but Brand24 is here to help. This helpful marketing tool is designed to keep track of all the productive comments you receive on your videos and complaints that consumers might be having.


10 critical tools for building great youtube videos

Research done on video marketing shows that 88% of marketers state that video marketing campaigns have proven beneficial to them in the long term.

This shows the potential behind this form of marketing on YouTube, which is becoming one of the most profitable avenues out there. Still, it has also been known to be incredibly competitive as well.

Therefore, companies need to do everything they can to stay ahead of the competition, and implementing these tools into your YouTube marketing videos is a great way to do so.

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