With the holiday’s right around the corner, this means a lot of consumer buying and a lot of affiliate groundwork. For affiliate marketers, that means there is a lot to prepare for in the upcoming weeks. While this may be the busiest time of the year, it most likely is the most profitable time of the year. They don’t call it Black Friday for nothing, right? So roll up your sleeves, grab an energy drink, and be primed for the chaos with these tips for the upcoming season!

Getting started early is probably one of the best ways to capitalize on your marketing efforts. Have a game plan, determine which major holiday will affect your business, and establish holiday promotions beforehand. Keeping last minute shoppers in mind, be sure to clarify shipping deadlines and publish them as soon as you can. Perhaps encourage every shopper to make a purchase by including a gift with purchase as well.

seasonal marketing

Know in advance what the holiday trends are this season. Every year, consumers rush to find those highly sought after items. Google trends is a great place to search so you can take advantage of the hype. However, don’t let the latest trends be the center of your attention; promote other non-traditional gift ideas. What are gift options you would like that are unique? Spa days, magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, charity donations, and sponsoring a child are some great examples.

Holiday services are another way to take advantage of the holiday season. Gift wrapping, specialty food delivery, or even creating your own holiday card or video can be a very successful way to boost your profits, yet making life easier on your shoppers.

Outside of the products you are selling, take advantage of the exclusive opportunities available for affiliate marketers with every day items. If consumers are shopping for gifts, they most likely need other items to go with their purchase: gift wrap, seasonal cards, and ribbon to name a few.

Maximize your profits with other holiday promotions such as gift certificates, buyer rewards for regular customers, and pre-ordering incentives. As a side note, free shipping is a preferred advertising strategy according to consumers. Create gift themed baskets and find ways to upsell to shoppers. If consumers are purchasing a Kuerig coffee maker, pair it with gourmet coffee and other related items.

The holidays are a perfect time for your affiliate marketing business to be successful. Planning ahead and having a strategy for the holiday buying seasons sets you up for victory. Every penny counts, so let your success be your gift this year.

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