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Are you a Paid Memberships Pro user looking to operate your own affiliate program? iDevAffiliate is your industry leading affiliate management software and now has an official WordPress plugin available for integration.

For iDevAffiliate 8+ Users

We recently created this plugin for the upcoming iDevAffiliate 9.0 release but have it available right now for our existing iDevAffiliate 8 users with the Generic Tracking Pixel enabled. This new plugin for Paid Memberships Pro also has coupon code commissioning built-in to it! Just use the plugin and you have coupon code commissioning capabilities right out-of-the-box! This integration will also handle recurring commissions during the billing cycle for the customer and will automatically stop the commissioning process when the subscriptions is cancelled.

Integration Instructions

1. Download iDevAffiliate Plugin for Paid Memberships Pro

2. Existing 8.0/8.1 Customers: Enable the Generic Tracking Pixel in your Shopping Cart Integration Wizard – found in your iDevAffiliate admin center. Customers using the upcoming iDevAffiliate 9.0 will just select Paid Memberships Pro in the dropdown menu (expected May, 2015).

3. Login to WordPress and go to Plugins. Use the plugin (downloaded above) to complete the install.

paid memberships pro

4. In WordPress, go to Memberships -> Advanced Settings. There you can enable iDevAffiliate Tracking and enter your iDevAffiliate Installation URL.

paid memberships pro

That’s it.. you’re all done integrating iDevAffiliate with Paid Memberships Pro!

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