This update will fix the issue where the date (year) stops at 2018 when manually creating a new commission in your iDevAffiliate admin center.

idevaffiliate missing year dropdown

Version Note

This patch is for iDevAffiliate 9.2 users only. If you’re using an older version of iDevAffiliate, you will need to update to the current release. By doing so, this patch is already included in the 9.2 distribution you will be upgrading to. Instructions for upgrading to the current release are below as well.

Existing 9.2 Users
  1. Download The Patch Update
  2. Save the file downloaded above to your local hard drive then unzip it. Inside the ZIP package, you will find a file called create_commission.php.
  3. Using auto-detect mode in FTP, upload this new file to your /admin folder. Allow this new file to overwrite your existing file.

That’s it. You can now return to your admin center and manually create a commission like normal.

Upgrade Instructions For Customer Using Older Versions

Login to your Client Area here:

Once logged in, click on Details & Download next to your order then click on the Download iDevAffiliate. You’ll want to download the latest possible version. Once downloaded to your computer, unzip the package and inside you’ll find a readme.pdf file that has the step-by-step installation instructions.

NOTE: If you aren’t eligible to download the latest release it means your upgrades extension has expired (you received 1 year free with your purchase). You can click “Renewal Required” to purchase the upgrade extension for $89.99 which will get you to the latest release.

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