iDevAffiliate 7.2 Update


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We’re pleased to announce the release of iDevAffiliate 7.2. This is a very reports oriented release. We have added a ton of new reports, created new features, added another addon module, created database updates for better efficiency and even managed to fix a couple bugs along the way! This update is free for all iDevAffiliate 7 users and is available at the following link.

Here’s the official list of new stuff added to the 7.2 release!

You now have a ton of new reports! Most have charts to go along with them and they are all exportable to MS Excel. Just click on the REPORTS in the header of your new 7.2 admin center and you’ll find all your reporting options.

Main Page Reports

T&C Report
This report works with the newly modified Terms and Conditions feature. Now when you update the Terms and Conditions for your affiliate program, the original T&C is stored rather then discarded. As affiliates “accept” the T&C at the time of login, their acceptance is recorded. This report shows you which affiliates accepted which of your T&Cs with date/time of acceptance.

Traffic Logs
You can now Export Tracking Logs to MS Excel as well as see your Top Referring URLs.
Traffic Logs

Top Affiliates
Top Affiliates

Daily Report
Daily Report

Trends Report
Report by date range on your new affiliates, commsisions, traffic and revenue.
Trends Report

Private Signup
This addon module allows you to set your affiliate signup to private. You can create signup codes (with expiration) that are required for creating an account.

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– Password edit fixed.
– CommissionAlert link resolved when disabled.
Enhancement: Database index adjustments for faster display of charts/stats.

– Added a definable maximum commission amount in the fraud control settings.
– Added ability to email top-tier affiliates when they get tier signups below them.
– Added “no follow” option to marketing materials.
– Added ability to create your own email language pack.
– Added ability to create your own language pack (requires language packs addon module).
– Added ability to change the commission assignment at time of approval.
– Deleted commissions are now archived for re-instatement or permanent removal.
– Deleted affiliate accounts are now archived for re-instatement or permanent removal.
– Added IP address to affiliate record.
– Added sale amount when manually creating a commission in the admin center.
– Terms and Conditions logging and reporting.
– Custom variables are now optionally editable and shown throughout the admin center.
– Added more shopping cart integrations and revised existing.
– Now PHP 5.4 compliant.

Screenshot of new commission approval page with ability to re-assign the commission to a different affiliate. Tier and Override commissions automatically adjust for the newly assigned affiliate!
Change Commission Assignment

We highly encourage anyone running iDevAffiliate 7 to get updated to this release. The reports are definately worth it! Here’s the link again for the patch update and instructions: