Your affiliate program is only as good as the affiliates you have in it. Makes sense, right? With a full team of affiliates, and each affiliate performing at a high level, you’ll have an enviable affiliate program. But without enough affiliates, without enough of the right type of affiliates, or with affiliate performance that isn’t up to par, your program will lag behind and may even become a drain on your marketing efforts. That’s why finding and recruiting the best affiliates for your business is so important.

If you’re using affiliate marketing for your business, you know that your affiliate program is a valuable part of your overall online advertising strategy. If you want to start bringing affiliates onboard to strengthen your sales, good move! Affiliate marketing, like several facets of online marketing, can help you connect with a wider or more specific buying audience. Strong affiliates can sell your products and get you more of the loyal customers you want. But — whether you want to improve your current program or start a new one — if you’re looking for ways to find and recruit more affiliates, there’s affiliate software that can help you.

That’s right. Getting more website traffic, seeing better rankings in Google and other search engines, and increasing your sales is a goal of affiliate marketing, but it also can be a result of the software you use for your affiliate program. In short, not only is your affiliate program as good as the affiliates in it, it’s also only as good as the affiliate software you’re using. Getting good affiliate software should be your first step when:

You need to find the right affiliates

If you’re selling athletic equipment, what sort of affiliates do you want to partner with? What about if you’re selling makeup? Starting up a new skincare line? Whatever the e-commerce business, there are affiliates out there for it. You need to be able to find those right affiliates for your program. And you should have an idea of what their audiences look like, what their level of audience engagement is, and how that can translate to more sales for you. At iDevAffiliate, we provide affiliate recruiting for our software users, to find the right affiliate marketers for a program.

You need to find MORE affiliates

Growth is good. And growing your affiliate program in a smart way should always be a goal. Once you have some affiliates performing well, you should add some more. But just as you want to choose the right affiliates initially, each one that you add to your affiliate program should be gearing you towards success. Let’s say you started out with a small number of affiliates but to reach your new sales goals, you want to double the number of affiliates working for you. It can be done. It should be done. But instead of spending a lot of time sending out emails and scrolling through social media, instead of hitting a bunch of dead ends and slowing your progress, you can link up with effective affiliate marketers through software that helps you recruit more affiliates. Contacting prospective affiliates through a well-known software system will not only be easier for you, it will assure affiliates that you mean business, that you’re a legitimate partnership opportunity for them. Running good affiliate software will give your program an edge professionally, and it will make it easy to add and manage every new affiliate too.

You need better-performing affiliates

Maybe the affiliates you have are pretty good but…they could do be doing better. Maybe they just need a boost. Giving your affiliates tools they need to perform their best can sometimes be overlooked, but not when you have iDevAffiliate software. Our software lets you give your affiliates marketing content for social media posts, videos, ads, and more. We also recognize the need for affiliate education, which is why we now provide affiliate training as well. And keeping track of affiliate performance will be easy with our reporting features, viewable as graphs and charts, organized by date, and more.

You want to protect against fraud

Lots of people want to be affiliates. It sounds like a good gig. And bringing on the best affiliates for your products can be a good idea. But the affiliate industry is also susceptible to fraud and you have to protect against it before it ends up costing you time and money and hurting your reputation. Our software’s fraud-protection features can let you guard against fraudulent affiliate scams and reliably track affiliate performance.

You want payment options

Choosing how each affiliate will be paid – a flat rate vs. per-lead, for example – and how each promotion will be compensated (i.e. extra coupon codes during holidays and sale days) will also let you keep your affiliate program clear and under control. Having a variety of payment options available to choose from lets you structure your affiliate program your way.

You want it all to work together

On all types of devices, across various sites, without any shopping cart errors – you want software that works. You want software that you can customize to your program, with all of the features and options you – and your affiliates — need. Software that makes things easy on your marketing team would be great too. It’s possible! See our software’s features and integrations here and you’ll see how easy it can be to run a better affiliate program.

Since 1999, we at iDevAffiliate have been class leaders in flexible, easy-to-integrate and easy-to-use affiliate software. Our top-selling software is made to fit the needs of each user. You can choose the features you need for your affiliate program and choose the hosting option that works for you. If you run our affiliate software on your own hosting account, you’ll own a license that never expires and there will be no monthly fee; if you use the cloud edition, you’ll use our servers at a low monthly cost. And our US-based tech support team will be here help you along the way. See what our current users have to say about our affiliate program software, and find the pricing option that’s right for you.

Get the best affiliates, have the best affiliate program. It sounds simple and it is simple. At least it can be when you have the right affiliate program software. With iDevAffiliate software, you’ll have everything you need to find and recruit affiliates and scale up your affiliate program.

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