Important Note About This Update
This update only affects customers using the downloadable version who have installed iDevAffiliate prior to October 11, 2017. Cloud customer accounts have already been patched and should not be affected.

Patch Background
This update concerns the design of our custom incoming traffic page links. This feature offers two options. The second option “Manual Link Creation“, is the one in question here. When using this option, affiliates can define their own incoming traffic page directly in affiliate links. Like this: &url=

This can be potentially harmful and exploited. As a result, we have completely removed this option from the current release. You will want to update your installation using the instructions below. Once the patch is applied, the above option will no longer be available. However, affiliates can still drive traffic to alternate pages using option #1 which is “Automated Link Creation” where they enter the URL in to their affiliate account and we provide them with a special link to use.

The Error Shown By Google
Until this patch is implemented, you could possibly be given warnings from google showing this potential exploit.

idevaffiliate fix for google harmful items

Your affiliate program may also wind up on the “google harmful programs” list. Don’t worry, we’ll show you to go get removed below!

google harmful items fix for idevafffiliate

So, if you’re seeing either of these issues, this patch update will fix it. If you aren’t seeing it and haven’t implemented the patch yet, please do so now to ensure this doesn’t happen.

How To Fix It!
You will need to upload a couple patch files then request removal from Google.

iDevAffiliate 9 Users
Step 1: Download the patch update. Unzip the package to your local computer. Then, using FTP, upload the folders/files in their current structure to your existing iDevAffiliate folder. Allow these new files to overwrite your existing files.

Download 9.1 Patch Files Download 9.0 Patch Files

If you’re using any version earlier than 9.2, the best option is to upgrade to the current version as it has this bug fix built-in to it already. See: How To Upgrade

Step 2: Request removal of your affiliate program from Google.

Request Removal From Google

Most customers see removal within a few hours.

iDevAffiliate 8 and Below Users
Anything iDevAffiliate 8 or older are many years old now and no longer supported. The proper method to fix this Google issue, along with many other security related updates/patches will be to update your system from v8 to v9.

Upgrading From An Earlier Release
Here are instructions for downloading the current version of your product.

Login to your Client Area here:

Once logged in, click on “Details & Download” next to your order then click on the “Download iDevAffiliate“. You’ll want to download the latest possible version. Once downloaded to your computer, unzip the package and inside you’ll find a readme.pdf file that has the step-by-step installation instructions.

NOTE: If you aren’t eligible to download the latest release it means your upgrades extension has expired (you received 1 year free with your purchase). You can click “Renewal Required” to purchase the upgrade extension for $89.99 which will get you to the latest release.

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