Magento Commerce Affiliate Plugin


While we’ve been integrating with Magento Commerce for years doing coupon code commissioning, we were recently asked for a slight modification that adds a bit more functionality. We have created an option specific to Magento that would allow your affiliate to pass his/her coupon code directly their affiliate link.

Example Affiliate Link

Now, as long as you have your customer being delivered to a Magento page on your site after the affiliate link is click, we can pre-populate the Discount Codes field during checkout.

affiliate program for magento commerce

This can work with any standard affiliate link provided by iDevAffiliate. The affiliate just simply needs to append their existing affiliate link with the coupon code you have assigned them. In order for this to work, we need to do a customization to your system which includes a file update to both iDevAffiliate and Magento plus enable an already existing feature that allows for custom data to be passed to the landing page URL.

Because this feature isn’t for everyone and we’ve only been asked for it a few times this isn’t something that comes standard with iDevAffiliate. If you’d like this feature, please open a support ticket with us and put in a request. Our support staff will be happy to perform a one-off update your system for you.

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