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If you’re using PrestaShop, we have great news for you!

You’ll be happy to know our PrestaShop integration now works with the Coupon Code Commissioning feature that is already built-in to iDevAffiliate. As with all current PrestaShop integrations, this is one cart our support staff is currently (at the time of this writing) completing for all our customers. The difference in PrestaShop versions creates a number of different ways in which the integration needs done so we are handling this process for you.

New Customers Integrating With PrestaShop:
Once you’ve completed your installation of iDevAffiliate, you will eventually get to the shopping integration step of the Quick Setup Guide. Once you get to this step, simply open a support ticket and our support staff will complete the integration for you. Our latest code (with Coupon Code Commissioning support), will automatically be implemented so you will be able to use the Coupon Code Commissioning feature if you like.

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