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affiliate addon for brilliant directories

Are you a Brilliant Directories user wanting to operate your own affiliate program? We are too! Welcome to iDevAffiliate. We make operating your own affiliate program easy and include all the features you’d expect to find in today’s leading affiliate tracking product.


Operating your own affiliate program has never been easier! Using our integration wizard, connecting iDevAffiliate with Brilliant Directories is a snap! Using iDevAffiliate with Brilliant Directories takes just minutes to get set up.

Integration Instructions

Login to your iDevAffiliate admin center and go the cart integration wizard. In the dropdown menu, pick Brilliant Directories and the integration instructions are provided for you. If you don’t see Brilliant Directories in your dropdown menu, please contact our support dept. and we’ll get you taken care of.

affiliate plugin for brilliant directories

Commission Record

Once affiliates start referring customers, they will start earning commissions. All you have to do is approve these new commissions and pay your affiliates for the new sales they are delivering!

brilliant directories affiliate program addon

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