Affiliate Tracking Plugin for Blesta



For iDevAffiliate 8+ Users

Are you a Blesta user looking for a fully integrated affiliate package? iDevAffiliate may be just what you’re looking for. We now have a plugin available that makes integration a snap! Be up and running with your affiliate system in just minutes!

Download iDevAffiliate/Blesta Plugin

Integration Instructions

1. Download the file to your local computer using the button above. Once downloaded, unzip the package. You will have a new /idevaffiliate folder with the Blesta files in it.

2. Using your favorite FTP browser, upload the /idevaffiliate folder and all its contents to your plugins/ folder. Note: Use AUTO-DETECT mode when uploading files.


3. Login to your Blesta admin center and go to Settings > Plugins then view the Available Plugins. You should see iDevAffiliate in the list now.


4. Click the Install button then the Manage button.

5. Enable iDevAffiliate and enter your iDevAffiliate Installation URL then hit the Save button.


That’s it! You’re done. iDevAffiliate is now completely integrated with Blesta for commission processing!

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